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About K&A "Our recipe for a successful event is 10 percent vision, 90 percent execution, a pinch of pizazz and a whole lotta love. Your event should be exciting and enjoyable for everyone, most importantly, YOU. That’s where we come in.”

– Kathy Reynolds, Founder, K&A Artistic Events

K&A Artistic Events is a full-service wedding and event design agency serving Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth and all of Central Texas. The company was established in 2009 by Kathy Reynolds and Amanda McBride Dietrich.

K&A Artistic Events was founded on the principle of creative, budget-friendly event planning, with the goal of making YOUR special event an enjoyable and relaxing affair for YOU!
We Believe:

  • The success of ANY event is rooted in the smallest details.
  • There’s no cookie cutter for YOUR perfect event.
  • We present the ideas, and you make the decisions. It’s YOUR event after all!
  • There’s a major difference between ‘cost effective’ and ‘cheap’. We don’t do cheap looking events.
  • No request is too large, and no concern is too minor.
  • Going the extra mile takes an event from “memorable” to “breathtakingly fabulous,” which is our goal for every event.

We've planned events ranging from 10 to 400 attendees, and we will partner with you to deliver a
gorgeous look you will love within the budget you set forth.

Our Event Services

Budgets, Schedules and Timelines

Table Arrangements and Linens

Floral Decor and Design

Custom Wedding Bouquets
and Boutonnieres

Wedding Concept Development

Support Event Planning:
Showers, Brunches, and Rehearsals

Food and Drink Coordination

Audio/Visual Design

Our Inventory

Our stock inventory includes a range of elements, which means you won’t have to PURCHASE them and deal with them after your event. (Seriously, what are you going to do with 100 votives or three dozen stone vases?)

Real touch Silk/dried florals

Curly willow and manzanita branches

Variety of cut glass, stamped glass, vintage glass, crystal, mercury glass votives

French ceramic, glass, stone vases

Linens - tablecloths, napkins, chair sashes

Huge selection of candles (No tapers!)

Custom Wedding Websites
LED lighting

Shepherd hooks

Wide assortment of candle lanterns

Pom balls


What types of florals do you offer?
At K&A Artistic Events, we exclusively feature high-end silk florals that are “environmentally friendly” and completely reusable. This allows us create beautiful arrangements at a surprisingly affordable rate compared to standard florals. These high-quality, real-touch silks pass the test of the most scrutinizing critics, and we offer a vast selection of vases, candle votives and accessories to further complement your wedding decor.

Do you have set package prices?

At K&A Artistic Events, we are mainly focused on two things - customization and affordability. As such, we don't have "packages" with fixed costs to them. Once we meet with you and learn your ideas, style and budget, we will develop a customized plan and price that fit your needs.

How do I hire you?
Call or email us, let us know a few details about your event, and we'll be off and rolling! Generally, there will be quite a bit of communication (email and phone) to talk about your wants and ideas. We also like to invite clients to our private design studio in Houston to view samples, discuss styles and get a hands-on feel for the many things we can do for your event.

My venue has a planner. Why do I need you?
While many venues offer a coordinator or planner for the day of your event, that person's loyalty is always going to be to the venue, first and foremost. Additionally, in our experience, most venue coordinators are more like assistants there to lend a hand as opposed to someone proactively managing your event.

By and large, you won't receive the concierge care and attention from a venue coordinator that you will receive from us.

Will you be there on the day of my event?
Of COURSE I'm going to be there! Are you kidding? Spending all this time planning, getting to know you, getting excited for you. I'll be there personally to pull it all together and make sure it happens without a hitch.

At K&A Artistic Events, we feel that our role extends beyond planner in the traditional sense of someone with an earpiece and clipboard corporately managing your event. Take weddings, for instance - I'll take care of you on your wedding day. Our goal for your wedding day is that you aren't going to have to worry about anything. Relax with your bridesmaids, enjoy a mani-pedi, and soak up your special day without any stress and concern. We've got everything covered.

Not only will I be there, I will make sure you can enjoy every moment.

How do we know you're the right event planner for us?

I (Kathy) am very dedicated and close to what I do. I'm an artist, a designer, a planner and an organizer, and for me and my team, planning events is personal. I want to know you, what you like, what you do for fun, who you are. This will help us deliver the perfect event FOR you.

This generally means a lot of communication, emails loaded with attachments, bulging Pinterest boards, etc. It's all in an effort to give you the exact event you want and doing as much as possible with the budget allotted.

If this resonates well with you, we'll be perfect together! :-)

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Our Work

We can talk all day about event planning, but as they say,
“A picture is worth a thousand words!” Enjoy the following photo albums that showcase our
floral design and decor methodology for two different types of weddings.

Click Here

“Kathy was our flower lady, our decor person, our program designer and our OMG help lady! She and her team were beyond fantastic and incredible!

"We met for an entire weekend 4-5 months prior to start brainstorming together. She took her time and brought all different fun elements to see what would work and what matched my desired style and colors. After that, things took off and they got to work! She communicated quite frequently throughout the whole process, and she followed my ideas to a T!

"She customized my bouquet using brooches from my grandmothers and my great aunt. It turned out AMAZING!!! She took my style and vamped it up to make it real! The bridesmaid bouquets were wonderful too! The girls loved them as much as I did, and they coordinated perfectly with their dresses.

"Beyond the flowers, she took my parents wedding invitation and superimposed it to the program. It was my parents’ 33rd anniversary, so it made it very special!

"All in all, Kathy is one of a kind and will do more than go the extra mile for your special day, whatever the occasion! I would more than recommend Kathy and her team to anyone; they made my wedding amazing!!!!

"I have three sisters that will be next, and we already know we have the best, artistic, most creative team so their weddings will be nothing short of fabulous! Can't wait to work with them again!!! :)”

– Janine P.

“My wedding day was flawless thanks to Kathy and Amanda. Everything from the flowers, to signage, to the wedding party place cards was beautiful and perfect. They quickly figured out my style and executed it remarkably. K&A refined the smallest details that even I didn't think of. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!”

– Mirand J.

“ At K&A Artistic Events, we believe it's all in the details!' THIS COULD NOT BE MORE TRUE! I chose K&A Artistic Events for my wedding flowers, and it was an amazing experience. From the very beginning, Kathy and her team were wonderful to work with, and her excitement and passion for what she does is infectious! She was incredibly patient with me as we went over countless centerpiece ideas, and she wouldn't settle until she received the “happy clap” and I was 150% satisfied! The one-on-one personal attention you will receive from K&A allows you to be involved in as much or as little of the details as you want.

"The day of my wedding, K&A worked tirelessly to make sure every table, flower, and detail was absolutely perfect. The centerpieces were the most beautiful wedding flowers I have ever seen (including any “real” flower centerpieces). K&A Artistic Events will make sure that your special event is exactly what YOU dream it to be and probably even better! :)

"THANK YOU K&A ARTISTIC EVENTS! You made my special day more enchanting and
beautiful than I could have imagined!”

– Laura S.


How can we help you in planning your wedding or event? Maybe you’re curious about our thoughts on your particular event. Perhaps you want to bounce some ideas off our team.

We’d love to speak with you!

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